“Creating Your Beautiful” Through Breakup

Divorce Coach for Women

Hi! I’m Connie…

In using a heart-centered and genuine approach with clients, I provide a space of safety.

We also realize that when we are given the opportunity to feel safe and supported, we are able to be honest and DIVE deep into what is really going on inside of ourselves. By knowing this, I’ve been able to provide connection and healing with my clients.

That’s why I created a program designed to coach and guide you through a program called “Creating Your Beautiful Through Breakup.” Creating Your Beautiful Through Breakup is for anyone who is struggling to get through heartbreak either in the midst or experiencing the aftershock of breakup, separation or divorce.  

The 12-week program is designed to harness the raw emotional energy that occurs at the time of break up into a soul-filled experience of heart-trauma healing and expansion that will guide you through your most difficult and profound journey!

Discover your inner strength that has always been there. You have the ability to go from feeling heartbroken to healing through this event that feels inescapable and painful. This program is designed to assist you to creating your innermost experience of self-love, self-worth, and rebirth. This could ultimately be the most beautiful life transformation imaginable.

Are you ready for a transformation that can provide the opportunity for new light to shine in areas that were clouded, create a life of your greatest potential, even in the midst of heartache, fear and uncertainty?

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