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The Heart of the Matter

Hello and Welcome dear seeker of heart healing!  My name is Connie Kuzdak and I’m a Breakup Empowerment Coach.  I have taken the leap to delve into an area of work that deeply inspires me! I have spent over 20 years working as a Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator.  


My inspired passion is to work with women going through breakup and women who may be deciding to end a long-term relationship. My passion to coach women in this area comes from my personal experience of my own marital breakup after 13 years.  Going through this raw and emotional pain was a time that I could have never imagined, nor would I want someone to endure.  It gives the closest meaning to tangible in describing an emotion that is “intangible”.  I also didn’t realize the flood of emotions and impact on everyone and every part of your life!


As a young girl, I had often dreamed of finding my true love and being in the “happily ever after” story.  I think many of us continue to long for that dream.  It is the dream of having that true connection with another human being and feeling that closeness of being loved, vulnerable and protected.  It is probably the greatest feeling one could ever experience.  Through my 20’s I experienced a few relationships, however, at the time my belief was that my partner would be the one to provide my sense of self-worth, validation, and confidence.  It was as though something was missing and I thought the relationship would fix it.  Later, in my 30s I got married and had 2 beautiful children.  I also thought this was what I was supposed to do to fulfill me and I did learn deeply about myself, my children as my teachers and my relationship with my husband during our marriage.  There were many great times and several challenges during this time.


I stayed in my marriage for many years, often questioning what my purpose was in the relationship. I also realized I was not fulfilled; however, I believed that I needed to stay for the sake of my children.  The marriage did not provide the space to encourage growth for either of us, we grew apart and I knew it had already come to an end.  I realized I needed to be honest with myself even with the possible detriment and risk of hurting my children, my husband and myself.  In going through this I took time to reflect and listen to my inner guide whispering.  In taking this leap, it was only then that I was able to move forward with my life and create the dreams I had longed for.  I learned again through this event, as life is a continuous learning journey.


I had often pondered why I was here and what my purpose was. This area of my contemplation was always on my mind and I did consider deeply about spirituality and how to make this part of my life.  There was always a longing to know myself more deeply, wanting to feel a sense of wholeness and a feeling of wanting to know my true purpose. Sometimes I confused the idea of accomplishment with degrees, education, status, money with true success.  I completed my nursing degree later and continued my education as a certified diabetes educator. I continued to work in various areas of nursing, however, it seemed that the education or my job wasn’t going to fill my bucket….so to speak, as I thought it would.  It was nice to make money and buy the things I had always wanted, the things that my parents could not afford to give me and I did feel proud that I did accomplish these parts of my life.


Fast forward to today, I feel so blessed to having gone through all the challenges and complexity of life.  My marriage came to an end gradually, however in taking the ultimate risk that I could ever imagine and facing the fear within, it was only then that I could truly be empowered!  In entering the unknown and deciding this by going deep within…. going to the depths of my soul and inner wisdom and accepting that truth, was I able to feel that breath of fresh air that was ready and waiting.  I also believe when we choose the true path that we feel deep within, there is no going the wrong way making a mistake in that truth!


This openness allowed the breeze of new life and creativity to flourish.  Parts of me were able to grow, expand and blossom. During this, past year I have continued on my healing journey and feel inspired to help others going through this vibrant transformation of new life and creating your beautiful new path along the way.


In my work with women going through such a traumatic time, it is my desire to provide a safe space and time for women to be nurtured and supported throughout their journey.  While going through this time of change and upheaval would you like to go deep to heal those old patterns and beliefs that may have prevented you from growing, expanding, and living from the truth of the most authentic you?  


Would you now like to use this time to really show up in the world and experience meaning and deep connection in all aspects of your life?  I would love to inspire you to create, dream, feel passion, create self-love and express your true emotions throughout this difficult journey of self-discovery. 


I would be honored to be your coach to assist and guide you through your journey of deciding what path to take and support you through your heartfelt path of breakup and divorce.

Connie Kuzdak


I will guide you to renew your self-esteem and support you in your journey of self-love and healing.


I will assist you in discovering your purpose, hopes, and dreams through your breakup.

Emotions and Healing

I will assist you to feel and allow the emotions of heartbreak and grieving as you move through your breakup

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