Discover your power to get through the dreadful break up storm and journey through this heart wrenching transformation with confidence, clarity, and love in your heart for a new & beautiful beginning.

Breakup Coaching

Creating Your Beautiful Through Breakup is for anyone who is struggling to get through heartbreak either in the midst or aftershock of separation or divorce. 


This 12-week coaching program is designed to harness the wild energy that occurs at the time of break up into a soul filled experience of heart-trauma healing and expansion that will guide you through your most difficult and profound journey!


Discover your inner strength that has always been there. You will go from feeling heartbroken to healing through the trauma that is glaring at you. You will begin creating your innermost experience of self-growth, rebirth, and this could ultimately be the most beautiful life transformation imaginable.


The most intimate part of you, your heart, needs and craves deep healing and awakening. Together, we will open and heal the wounds of heartache by nurturing true love for yourself. We will create wholeness again and journey through the path of healing your heart.


Creating Your Beautiful through the Breakup Storm can guide you through this painful and earth shattering journey and ultimately, revitalizing the beautiful woman you are and bring out the glimmering light that you may have shut down.

You desire to feel connected to your children, friends and family, and be supported now, especially during a time when you have lost the routine and the feeling of security in your life.

I know your heart desires deep healing and comfort… long for balance and clarity from the effects of stress that has been created during the process of your break up in your relationship or marriage.

You may have been the one to make this dramatic change or your partner may have made the decision to leave the relationship, either way you are going through the most stressful job of reorganizing your life at a time when it feels like your world is caving in!!!

You have always been able to provide stability for your family and care for your children while working and keeping everything together.

However, you are now even more EXHAUSTED than ever before and you find yourself SCARED ABOUT THE FUTURE, OVERWHELMED, ANXIOUS, DEPRESSED, and ALONE.  You also question whether you made the right choice or if you could have done something to change the present situation you are in…..…yet you realize this change is badly needed because your energy and zest for life needs SELF-LOVE & REVITALIZATION!!!

IN SHORT:  You want to be at peace during this major life transition while still maintaining strong connections with the people that matter most!! You want to journey through this traumatic time with confidence and an open heart to create freedom and design your new life with passion, purpose, openness to love and create the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to make a difference in your life now and do the work of healing?

If you want to…

…then you’re in the right place!


My name is Connie Kuzdak and I would love to walk and support you through this agonizing and heartfelt journey.


I too have experienced this heartbreak and understand how difficult it can be at the end of a relationship that no longer serves your highest purpose and does not fulfill your innermost needs and desires.  When we stay in these limiting confines of such a relationships our stream of energy can be depleted and consequently leave us feeling void of the passion or the zest for life that we should be experiencing.


I believe it is our responsibility to ultimately position ourselves to create a relationship that aligns our heart and passions with the best possible environment to thrive and encourages us to show up as our best, whole selves.  When we have secure and loving relationships we flourish and all other areas of our life are sparkled with this positive light!!


I have counselled and coached many people and have an intuitive understanding of how the energy exchange within relationships affects our ability to relate to others.  I have also come to realize within my practice how my energy affects the interactions with my clients and how this energy exchange can provide an enhanced healing experience.


In using a heart-centered and genuine approach with clients, I provide a space of safety.


We also realize that when we are given the opportunity to feel safe and supported, we are also able to be honest and DIVE deep into what is really going on inside of ourselves. By knowing this, I’ve been able to provide connection and healing with my clients.

Create life changing moments and achieve big goals.