Creating Your Beautiful Through Breakup

Vibrant Transformation   

Discover your power to get through the dreadful break up storm Journey through this heart wrenching transformation with confidence, clarity, and love in your heart for a new & beautiful beginning.


Creating Your Beautiful Through Breakup is for anyone who is struggling to get through heartbreak either in the midst of separation or divorce.  


This 12-week coaching program is designed to harness the wild energy that occurs at the time of break up into a soul filled experience of heart-trauma healing and expansion that will guide you through your most difficult and profound journey! 


There is also an option to do a condensed 6 week program instead. Please email me for more details.


Discover your inner strength that has always been there. You will go from feeling heartbroken to healing through the trauma that is glaring at you. You will begin creating your innermost experience of self-growth, rebirth, and this could ultimately be the most beautiful life transformation imaginable.


The most intimate part of you, your heart, needs and craves deep healing and awakening. Together, we will open and heal the wounds of heartache by nurturing true love for yourself. We will create wholeness again and journey through the path of healing your heart.


Creating Your Beautiful Through The Breakup can guide you through this painful and earth shattering journey and ultimately, revitalizing the beautiful woman you are and bring out the glimmering light that you may have shut down.


Dear seeker of heart healing,

I know your heart desires deep healing and comfort… long for balance and clarity from the effects of stress that has been created during the process of your break up in your relationship or marriage.


You may have been the one to make this dramatic change or your partner may have made the decision to leave the relationship, either way you are going through the most stressful job of reorganizing your life at a time when it feels like your world is caving in!!!


You have always been able to provide stability for your family and care for your children while working and keeping everything together.


However, you are now even more EXHAUSTED than ever before and you find yourself SCARED ABOUT THE FUTURE, OVERWHELMED, ANXIOUS, DEPRESSED, and ALONE.  You also question whether you made the right choice or if you could have done something to change the present situation you are in…..…yet you realize this change is badly needed because your energy and zest for life needs SELF-LOVE & REVITALIZATION!!!


IN SHORT:  You want to be at peace during this major life transition while still maintaining strong connections with the people that matter most!! You want to journey through this traumatic time with confidence and an open heart to create freedom and design your new life with passion, purpose, openness to love and create the life of your dreams.


You desire:

You desire to feel connected to your children, friends and family, and be supported now, especially during a time when you have lost the routine and the feeling of security in your life.


You desire to get through this challenging transition as easily as possible without hurting your children.  


You desire to protect your children with unconditional love and affection.


You desire to be free of anxiety & worry so you can create a secure plan going forward to create a bright future.


You desire to be free of heartfelt anxiety and pain from your ex and no longer blame him or yourself during this event.


You desire this period to be one of growth and opportunity to create an enhanced lifestyle.


You desire to use the energy of heart-break to manifest creative projects and use this time to create and live life to your fullest potential possible.


You desire to feel calm, at peace, and confident.


You desire to have strength and confidence to make decisions with clarity and integrity.


You desire to be honest with yourself throughout this journey and live with an open heart going forward.


And ultimately,

You want to reach an exceeded elevation of living and achieve your greatest desires with this new opportunity.


The Problem is:

You are in the midst of heart breaking pain, anxiety and stuck in an overwhelming feeling that creates a life filled with uncertainty and painstaking fear!!!  You have lost your true sense of self and the confidence to make a solid step forward to reaching any of your life goals and dreams!!!



You are doing all you can to keep afloat with all of the stresses of being newly single, caring for children, and maintaining some kind of restored balance in your home.


Your home has become more stressed with emotional overload and exhaustion and everyone feels scattered and the tension is dreadful.


You worry that your children will be forever affected by this grief and loss of family wholeness and you hold enormous guilt in your heart for making this change.


Your partner lacked the emotional intimacy you deeply needed and possibly you never received the unconditional love you desired in this relationship for a lasting connection.


Your partner may have had an addiction and was unable to overcome it and therefore created a host of other problems that only compounded the stress


You believe you don’t deserve to feel happy and that you are not worthy of a great relationship


You are unable to heal your past feelings of being hurt and just feel resentful and shut down.


You did not live from your authentic self and did not make decisions based on what you really needed and desired.


You feel like you’re missing out on life and the possibilities of what it could offer.


You are grieving because your partner was not willing to make changes for you and your children.


You did not honour yourself and your own intuition to live authentically and exercise your own power in this relationship.


The apprehension of being alone makes you feel isolated and you believe there is no hope for a bright future.


You have restless and misguided energy and you are unsure how to harness this energy to create balance and harmony in your heart.


You just feel stuck in this place of grief and it’s just too hard to move forward.


You believe you may never recover from this heartbreak and just want to give up.


Are you ready to make a difference in your life now and do the work of healing?  


Are you ready to honour yourself and listen to your innermost desires to take loving steps toward creating wholeness in your life?

Dear Sister, take a deep pause…

My name is Connie Kuzdak and I would love to walk and support you through this agonizing and heartfelt journey.


I too have experienced this heartbreak and understand how difficult it can be at the end of a relationship that no longer serves your highest purpose and does not fulfill your innermost needs and desires.  When we stay in these limiting confines of such a relationships our stream of energy can be depleted and consequently leave us feeling void of the passion or the zest for life that we should be experiencing.


I believe

I believe it is our responsibility to ultimately position ourselves to create a relationship that aligns our heart and passions with the best possible environment to thrive and encourages us to show up as our best, whole selves.  When we have secure and loving relationships we flourish and all other areas of our life are sparkled with this positive light!!


As a First Nations woman and Registered Nurse along with many years working in various community health settings, I have counselled many people through their diverse healing journeys.  In doing so, I have embraced great empathy in many situations with people in a multitude of challenging circumstances.  Having worked in a First Nations community for many years I have worked with numerous clients that have endured problems relating to intergenerational trauma, isolation, racism, chronic diseases, and addictions.   


I have counselled and coached many people within the field of nursing and have an intuitive understanding of how the energy exchange within relationships affects our ability to relate to others.  I have also come to realize within my practice how my energy affects the interactions with my clients and how this energy exchange can provide an enhanced healing experience.


My Heart-Centered Approach

In using a heart-centered and genuine approach with clients, I provide a space of safety.


We also realize that when we are given the opportunity to feel safe and supported, we are also able to be honest and DIVE deep into what is really going on inside of ourselves. By knowing this, I’ve been able to provide connection and healing with my clients.


My Heartbreak

I have had my share of heartbreak and relationship struggles.


Having been married for many years, I believed I needed to endure this partnership for my children and I was afraid to be alone and leave the security of my marriage (or so I thought this was a place of security). However, with much soul searching and discovery I realized my life was very limited and for a period of time, I lived a very separate, lonely life from my husband.


The communication patterns with my husband were extremely poor and we did not have a healthy exchange of opinions or flow of ideas that we could both relate to. We had a constant inability to make positive changes in our communication patterns.  We both tried and attended counselling sessions, yet inevitably we were on two separate pathways.


I realized that sometimes we complete what is needed in our relationships and it comes to an end in its own way, even though it seems to be the most complex task of moving forward and making the most difficult and heartfelt decision!


Don’t get me wrong as I also believe there are relationships that can get through the toughest of times……..and working through conflict ultimately can make a relationship stronger, however sometimes it is just not possible and certain relationships may never be fulfilling!


That is ok and we need to forgive ourselves for feeling that we failed at this, possibly look at the flip-side and realize there is a substantial opportunity for our own growth and evolution as a conscious evolving, always growing……dynamic human being!


I realized that I needed to be completely open and honest about what I was feeling and why I had felt the relationship was not serving my greater purpose and need of intimacy.  The relationship seemed to come to an end before I made the decision to leave, it seemed that the physical act of doing so just took a little longer as the energy within this connection had disappeared.


During times of stress I had used alcohol to alleviate the heartbreaking pain of feeling disconnected and took medication to help me sleep.  However, in making an intuitive and heartfelt decision and going through all the emotional work that I needed, I felt at peace, and allowed myself to be honest with the deepest parts of me and allowed my own conscious healing to begin. I began to find the courage to accept myself and the decision I had made.  I was able to remember that my needs, dreams and wishes are meaningful and essential to my happiness, to leave these unfulfilled would only mean more anxiety and a feeling of incompletion.


During the time prior to my separation and afterward I also received coaching and it was something that deeply assisted me in developing my self-esteem and confidence.  This additional support provided an extra layer of protection throughout this stage of grief and I was able to continue the inner healing and felt strong enough to continue moving forward with what I wanted in my life in many other areas.


I continued to practice various forms of healing such as meditation and a deep breathing practice that I learned with the Art of Living Program.  I also practiced additional styles of meditation, accessed online healing programs and attended the sweat lodge at times for cleansing and healing.  I completed a Level 1 Reiki program and still continue on my path of energy healing.


I continue to work on my personal learning path of energy work and how to discover and learn how to integrate this into my work as a holistic empowerment life coach as I love this area of healing and feel passionate about its benefits.


In continuing this healing journey and lifelong process I realize it can take some time and grieving is part of the process, however taking the time to truly reflect on what is needed at your core and living in alignment with that deeper part of you provides you with a clearer picture of knowing your path.  In spending the time to look deeply at myself, I also had to reflect on my own story and experiences during my childhood and had to take ownership of why I had made some of the relationship choices I made.


Growing up in a home that was highly stressed and emotionally charged by events that I had no control or power over created anxiety and feelings of little self-worth and emotional pain.  The experiences that my parents lived through, rippled into our lives as children.  There were many losses and a history of trauma for my parents which set the stage for ongoing trauma that we as children inevitably lived through as well.


Many times I had experienced a deep understanding of others, however in my own relationships I had difficulty seeing myself with clarity and struggled with being honest about what I was really feeling.  I made many excuses to stay in an unfulfilling marriage, however once I made a decision to leave, I was then able to experience a less distorted view of my life and gained the gifts of clarity and strength.


My Own Healing Journey

During the separation and divorce with my husband I felt that this time of growth and revitalization opened up many new possibilities and of course healing my heart was part of this.


Looking forward and making it through….

I have taken steps to make better decisions and live my life with heartfelt choices to work at creating positive relationships with my children, choosing work that speaks to my soul, relationships that serve my higher purpose and having a spiritual practice that keeps me grounded!


I feel much more in alignment with who I am and what I am here for.  


I would like to help you achieve this same happiness, connection with your children, and ultimately love for yourself.


I have started a new path in working as a coach to fulfill my greatest passion and honor my calling to support people like you who are going through one of the most heartbreaking periods in their lives as I have.


I would like to go on this journey with you as a source of support, guidance, and ultimate transformation that helps you achieve a higher vibration and guidance to loving yourself and the greater purpose within your loving relationships.


When we are faced with making such a heartfelt decision we are also forced to look beneath the surface and go deep within ourselves to see what is creating this transformation that is vitally needed.  Many times this change is part of what we need to grow and evolve on our journey……we need to listen to that longing within.


It is my deepest wish that this experience will feel as authentic as possible and to give you a solid structure with concepts that resonate with your core values and that will truly make a difference in your life and with those you share it with.

Most Important Take Aways with “Creating Your Beautiful"

  1. Clarity in Decision Making
  2. Renewal in your sense of self-worth
  3. Know that you are lovable and you are cherished
  4. Increased connection with yourself and your children
  5. Chaos and upheaval in your home will be cleared to make room for inspiration and openness for new things to come
  6. Know and feel that you are resourceful and self-reliant
  7. Increased self-worth and you will make time for self-care throughout this process
  8. Communicate effectively with your children, your ex partner and your family
  9. Feel thankful for the healing process that you are going through and use your experience as an ultimate opportunity to design your life, to evolve and grow with your highest consciousness
  10. Be creative during this period and harness misdirected energy with renewed vitality and resilience
  11. Create abundance in your life and self-love
  12. Increased self-esteem and skills in mindfulness

Signup now

Creating Your Beautiful Through the Breakup Coaching package is for any woman who is 100% committed to wanting to resolve the heartbreak they are experiencing right now.

Because of that concept, Creating Your Beautiful through the Breakup is available by application only.  

How is the program delivered?

This program will take you through an orientation package after you sign up as I will review the exciting details of how to plan for your upcoming sessions.  We will have you look at time management, scheduling calls for all of our coaching sessions.  Our first online session will be a longer, more intensive session where we can become connected and I can get to know who you are and tailor the program to best suit your personality, based on your needs and goals.


This is not a cookie cutter approach to healing, “Creating Your Beautiful Through the Breakup” is designed to offer a more specific focus around your personal circumstances and desires as we are all unique with individual needs. It is my wish that this coaching experience best fits your personal situation and will enhance essential areas that you would like to focus on.


The series of steps that I would like to assist you through during this heart healing journey include:


Curriculum Milestones:

Orientation Package ~ Setting Intentions for your journey towards healing and ultimate transformation.


1.Creating your “Love Me” Journal for your Heartbreak Healing Transformation

This lesson is the beginning of you creating the “Love Me” space to moving forward and involves setting the stage for all other steps to build on. This stage will also start exploring the emotions of heartbreak and grief & sensations experienced in the body.


2. Creating Conscious Choices for Health ~ Body, Mind, Spirit

Exploring how self-care rituals and choices around daily health routines are so vital and how they can create greater ease through difficult emotional changes.  Choosing energizing choices in food, thoughts and ideas that will nourish our body, mind, and spirit!


3. Acknowledging Past Beliefs & Re-framing  

Review of your past love relationships, past patterns, limiting beliefs and your early story of love relationships.  Reframing our mindset and beliefs for success!


4.Going Deep Within and allowing the pain and grief of your emotions.

Taking pause and creating stillness, letting the pain be present and acknowledged, emotionally healing through your journey with forgiveness and compassion.  Exploring the use of a Reiki Meditation to enhance healing and moving emotions.


5. Creating Respectful Communication with Clarity, Confidence, and Compassion

Exploring the ability to be kind, respectful and compassionate, yet maintaining boundaries and strength in your plans moving forward.


6. Creating Self-Care Routines & Rituals and why they are a MUST!!!

Exploring self-care strategies and creating your beautiful in all areas of your life!  Rediscovering the beauty in your interests, dreams, and aspirations and taking inspired action to fulfill them!


7. Creating the Love Within ~ Heart Energy Center

Exploring the heart energy field and our need for connection with others.  Allowing our own vulnerability to moving forward with openness and visualizing our dreams. Begin to look at why we need to love ourselves the most and be the person you need.


8. Letting Go of Fear and Trusting the Universe

Moving to being fully conscious & present here and now! “Creating your best possible Mindset” to release fears and doubts and living like you mean it!  Shutting down any excuses, fears, and blocks that have stopped you in the past! Using self-love as a catalyst!


9. Creative Self ~ Turning Pain into the Ultimate Gift

Revisiting the pain experienced and using the raw energy to fuel your passion and create the things you dream of! Enhanced with meditation to feeling and healing painful emotions.


10. Creating your Vision Board & Action Steps

Envisioning your dreams & desires and creating the actionable steps to achieving your goals, developing a strategic plan for your future so that you will be unstoppable and start living your dreams now!!!


11. Creating Gratitude & Forgiveness in Your Life

Creating a higher frequency in your life by practicing gratitude and forgiveness. Creating peace and love within ourselves to provide greater healing, enhanced awareness and external sources of renewal.


12. Review Program Life Goals centered around your Healing Journey and Connection with your Higher Purpose ~ Connection to Higher Power

Rediscovering you and paying attention to what gives you meaning and purpose! Taking time to discover what lights you up and how to embody your true calling. Wrap up and review of all sessions and planning what is next in your healing transformation.


Creating Your Beautiful Program will provide the opportunity for you to create confidence and resiliency within yourself so that you can mend through this event with greater love and joy!

How the program works....

By enrolling in this 12-week coaching program, you will get:

  •   12-weekly 50 minutes coaching calls with me, Connie Kuzdak, Vibrant Transformation Coach
  •   The first coaching session will include an intensive, 60-minute coaching session to complete an in-depth assessment to design and prepare for the remainder of our coaching sessions!
  •   Welcome package gift
  •   Personal email access to me during the program!
  •   A Beautiful Healing Journal I have created especially for you to record your personal insights, healing moments, love filled intentions and soulful inspirations throughout the program.

And that is not all! You will also receive these incredible bonuses!


A beautiful jar of “vibrant heal your heart body moisturizer, created by my sister Natasha as a product for your heart and soul, infused with essential oils and healing energy, designed for your personal healing journey!


1 Distant Reiki Session to clear your energy blocks and assist in your healing process during the program


There will be one additional 45-minute coaching session with a Mindfulness exercise designed to work on fulfilling your higher purpose & setting intentions to building the ultimate life of your dreams!

SignUP for Creating Your Beautiful

What happens after you apply to Creating Your Beautiful Through BreakUp?

After you click the apply button you can book your discovery call.

Upon booking your discovery call you will be asked to fill out the Program Application Form as additional information is requested to assess your fit for the program.  This program provides a high level of commitment and this is important to review when determining if clients are appropriate.

During our discovery call we can decide if this program is the right fit and review your challenges and goals.  If the program is the right fit we can get started right away and enroll you!

Once you have joined the program, we can schedule your first orientation call and you will have access to the online course materials. During our orientation call I will provide you with all the exciting details and structure of our program!

Future calls can be scheduled on my calendar scheduling system or through email.

Payment is made through a one-time option or can be made in the installment plan where you would place half of the program now and again at 4 weeks for the remaining payment.

What makes this program beautiful & unique?

This program will definitely take you to a higher place of consciousness and create the space you need to express yourself fully and to be completely supported in your healing journey.

And yes, there are many other programs out there…..yet you desire a true and authentic experience with someone who has been in the same place that you are at now…..

I believe it is my genuine desire to connect with women like you as I have experienced this same heartache. It is my calling to provide a place of ultimate safety for you to dive deep into your greatest fears and root causes of what is taking place in your life right now. I believe in my strength and gifts of being intuitive and would be honoured to provide my personal coaching services to you!

I would love to assist in honoring your growth and authenticity, and in trusting the process of designing your new life!

Are you ready to move forward?

What would you create?

  •   Greater self-confidence & vitality
  •   Feeling love & strength within yourself
  •   Close connections with those you love
  •   Clarity & vision on your path of transformation
  •   Self-reliance and the power it creates in you
  •   Feeling empowered and know you are unstoppable!
  •   Use your creative energy to fulfill your life passions
  •   Ability for openness & healing for future love
  •   Living in alignment with your innermost values & purpose

In understanding what you can create throughout this heart-centered journey, the story of the broken Japanese bowl comes to mind…..“Kintsukoroi refers the Japanese art of repaired pottery, but it’s something more than that.”

The story discusses the break of the Japanese bowl into pieces and it states…..”diminishing the bowl’s appeal, a new sense of its vitality and resilience raised appreciation to even greater heights.”  The bowl has become more beautiful for having been broken. The true life of the bowl “…began the moment it was dropped…” In other words, the proof of its fragility and its resilience is what makes it beautiful.

The healing that takes place within ourselves is like the beautiful gold filling that makes us resilient and ultimately more beautiful because of the heartbreak experience and renewal!

If you are ready to take this journey and do the soul searching work of repair, I would be honored to support you in creating this beautiful new canvas of your life as you prepare for discovering a new pathway!

My promise to you…

During your time in “Creating Your Beautiful Through the Storm” I will provide you with the very best experience of transformation possible to create your innermost affirmative healing journey. This vibrant transformation will give you clarity, confidence and strength to move forward and loving yourself along the way.

You have the choice to heal through this heartbreak with resilience and renewed love for yourself, to keep moving forward to creating your finest vision of your greatest lifetime possibilities.  This gift to yourself is priceless!

Creating Your Beautiful Through the Breakup is for any woman 100% committed to healing by following their heart filled desire to heal & realize their inner beauty throughout this profound journey.

Because of that, Creating Your Beautiful is by application only.

“Creating Your Beautiful” IS FOR YOU IF:

“Creating Your Beautiful” IS FOR YOU IF:

  •   You are ready to make a commitment to yourself and truly want to go deep, take action and do the work needed
  •   You are struggling to get through your breakup and need support from an expert who has been through it
  •   You want success going forward and want to feel free to love again and trust in your future
  •   You are ready to be honest about your own story of love and  be open to connecting with yourself at your deepest level
  •   You will do what is needed and understand the benefits of a soul driven and deeply purposeful program!


  •   You are not fully committed to putting in the time and do the work necessary for this program
  •   You think this program will provide as a “quick fix” for your break up situation
  •   You are not completely honest with yourself and not ready to take the steps necessary to reach beyond your comfort zone to dive deep into your personal healing
  •   You are not willing to take responsibility for the present situation in your life
  •   You are just not willing to commit to making changes
  •   You are not willing to live consciously and do whatever it takes to create the life of your dreams
  •   You are living in denial about changes that you need

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  •   Continue on your path of being stuck in the rut of limiting beliefs about yourself and never really heal post breakup
  •   Continue to feel overwhelmed, experience anxiety and stress throughout your separation and long after
  •   Continue to feel guilty about the experience your children are enduring and the additional stress they experience
  •   Continue to live in fear and never acknowledge your abilities and strengths
  •   Continue to believe that you are not confident or strong enough to make progress with your life goals

I’ve been there…….

I know what it’s like to try and do this alone.  I have gone through this process and know deep down how much struggle and conflict a breakup can really be.

In order to experience a different pattern or shift in life, it is important to be aware that you will only experience this if there is a shift within and if a different course of action is taken.  It is only then that the desired outcome or change will follow.

At this most complicated and emotional time, we often struggle in being truly objective and can be filled with extreme emotions that get in the way and prevent our onward journey to incredible healing.  However, if given the right support of a soul driven coach…..well dear friend this can make all the difference in the world!

Creating Your Beautiful Through the Breakup is for any woman 100% committed to healing by following their heart filled desire of healing & creating inner beauty throughout their profound journey.

You have questions?  We have answers!

I am excited about the program! How do I join?

Click on the Apply button and you will be taken to a page where you can book your discovery call session.

How do I know if the program is right for me?

We can discuss details of suitability for the program based on your goals and review questions provided to you when you book your discovery call.  With additional information and discussion we can come up with the right plan going forward.

How much time do I need to commit to this program?

You will need 1 50 minute block of time weekly for our coaching session and an additional 1-2 hours a week to complete module exercises.

How can I find the time to do this program in my busy schedule?

You need to make that commitment for yourself and therefore you need to make the time to attend our coaching sessions and complete assignments to get the most out of the program.

What if I miss my coaching session?

Sessions must be cancelled 24 hours in advance, however it may not always be possible to make up these sessions. This is based on time availability within that week.

Are payment plans available?

Payment plans are available and will be provided during your discovery call. 

Can I take a shorter course?

I can do a condensed course, instead of 12 weeks it can go down to a 6 week program. Email me for more information.

Have more questions? I’m here to support you! Contact me:


Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. Your results are based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal skills & qualities, emotional intelligence, your work strategies and commitment to the program.  Since a variety of factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success or results in this course.  However, it is my goal to be there as a source of inspiration and provide intuitive guidance throughout the process.