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It’s been well over a year since I separated and oh what a year it has been.  I would almost have to say it’s been the most difficult year in my life, yet having said that I would also admit that it’s been one of the best years of my life at the same time!!  It was a true opening to my own growth and evolution as a human being. It’s kind of like pushing the cart that was so full of crap that it could not go on any further or I would be lying to myself for another 10 or 15 years maybe!?!


During the separation period, I did the crazy thing of taking an online course for coaching, and this coaching would assist me in finding my true passion……not just any kind of coaching but one that would rock my soul!!!  That’s how I looked at it anyway! In going through all the cathartic emotions and turmoil of my breakup I decided to throw this project into the mix. I knew that I really wanted to help women find their purpose, passion and build their self-esteem while doing the  necessary spiritual work to getting there. This had been my dream job or vision for the last 3 years and now I thought this was the time to do it!!


I had no idea I would land into the area of breakup and divorce, as I did not have any intention of doing such a thing.  However, I also looked at the course as a way of getting through this crazy raw experience and felt it to be one of healing and ultimately self-care.  It seemed like the area of breakup coaching was just one of those buds that blossomed as I was going through my own experience, yet I had no idea of the outcome.  I just rest assured that somehow it would come and it did!!


We often perceive the time during breakup and heartbreak from a very distorted lens and see only the adversity in it, we may even want to stay there for awhile. We don’t always choose to see how positive the situation could be or even what we could create in it.  I was able to get through a lot of the adversity by going within and was able to gain greater clarity on who I was and what I wanted and needed in my life. I allowed the heartbreak, fear and anxiety to be present and gave myself permission to have these feelings, I still continue to experience these feelings and I acknowledge them.  I then forgive myself for having them and forgive my ex for our breakup, however we created it! We created the relationship together and the ending. Even though I wanted to blame him for everything, I needed to acknowledge my part in the process as we both participated in all parts, good and bad. Showing kindness and forgiveness goes much further I have also learned.


The energy work of healing and digging deep within my soul during this time has really helped me get through the heaviness of ending a 15 year-long relationship.  I realized the need to work through these emotions and how allowing them moved my healing forward.  In feeling these heavy emotions I allowed them, however I also focused on creating new hopes and dreams.  In growing through this period of time I feel honoured to support others to creating the beauty that is calling from within them at this most difficult time and to nourish those desires, dreams and to ultimately love themselves ☺


I am now offering free coaching calls to help others going through breakup and divorce. It would be my honour if you signed up for a free 30-minute coaching call with me!



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